We believe in presenting our products in a manner consistent with three principles.
premium oils
We use a proprietary blend of organic extracts and performance-driven oils, extracts, vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants sourced from all over the world. We search for efficacy and efficiency. We spare no cost to bring premium ingredients to you.
organic extracts
PURA D’OR uses a number of certified organic ingredients and special organic bioactives to ensure both purity and performance. Our philosophy is simple. We want all formulas to provide care and therapy, reinforced by nature, using ingredients that are plant-based and organically certified by the USDA wherever possible.
hair and skin solutions
Our goal is to help solve problems in hair and skin. Thinning hair, scalp issues, daily cleansing and conditioning. New formulas are subject to rigorous clinical testing in order to prove any claim. All PURA D’OR formulas combine science and nature in order to deliver therapy, reinforced by nature.
The ingredients used in PURA D’OR formulas are sustainably grown and harvested, raised with respect for the people who produce them and the animals that eat them.
Our Ingredients And Their Benefits
PURA D’OR is committed to quality and an increased effort to bring the best products into everyone’s daily routine.
As an environmentally responsible company, we use recycled materials and sustainable manufacturing processes wherever possible.
The PURA D’OR team stands behind every product with a 100% Money Back Guarantee of product performance.