100% Argan Oil

Pure, Natural and Organic. PURA D’OR 100% Argan Oil works on skin, scalp, and hair to nourish strands, moisturize dry scalp, tame flyaways, and add sheen to hair. Derived from the nutrient-rich Argan trees of Morocco, PURA D’OR Argan Oil is a natural moisturizer free from harsh chemicals and rich in fatty acids known for its intense moisturizing properties for skin and hair.  This pure Organic Argan Oil helps relieve dry skin with deep hydration – improving the appearance of elasticity, and softening the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Free from harsh chemicals, environmentally responsible, hypo-allergenic, vegan, and cruelty free.


This Product is Great For:

  • Softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Helps moisturize dry scalp
  • Reduces appearance of scarring and stretch marks
  • Creates softer-feeling skin
  • Balances moisture and nutrients of hair and skin
  • Improves the look of dry, damaged hair


Usage Tips:

On skin- Rub between palms and massage onto desired area for one minute. Reapply as needed.

On hair- Apply small amount directly to scalp or hair after shampoo and conditioner. Dry as usual. 



  • 100% PURE. 100% Pure Organic Argan Oil. Cold pressed, unrefined with no chemicals added.

  • Exceptional Quality. This 100% Argan Oil is manufactured using the highest industry standards.

  • Body, Hair and Face Therapy. This pure, natural, organic oil softens the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, relieves dry scalp, and balances moisture and nutrient content of the skin.

  • Gentle, Yet Effective. Specially formulated to effectively target all hair, scalp and skin types. Gentle enough for daily use.

  • Science + Nature. All PURA D’OR formulas combine science and nature to deliver transformative hair and skin therapy. USDA Organic. Pesticide-Free. No SLS (Sulfates). No Parabens. No Artificial Colorants. No Synthetic Fragrances. No Harmful Chemicals, Gluten Free. Hypo-Allergenic. Made in Morocco. Color Safe.




Most Helpful Customer Reviews
I use Morocaan Oil Brand
By Yosef K. on Jul 30, 2015
I use the Moroccan Oil brand and it smells great but doesn't work half as well as this one! If you're looking to buy essential oils I highly recommend cold-pressed and going organic. Buy this one and you won't be disappointed!
Great Product
By SYI on Jul 30, 2015
Perfect for dry skin as well as taming fly away hair!
Multi-purpose oil
By P.T on Jul 30, 2015
This is a multi-purpose oil, I use it on my face, hands, arms, hair. A few drops go a long way, and do not leave greasy feeling on my skin.
Thumbs Up
By Dorothy K. on Jul 29, 2015
Good stuff...this is my third bottle. I use a little on wet hair to help moisturizer dry ends and also on skin.
Great Oil
By David on Jul 29, 2015
I really love this Argan Oil. It works very well. I put it on my face as a night time moisturizer and wake up with very soft skin. It definitely has helped my dry skin and makes my skin more dewey
Excellent Q.
By Laura M. on Jul 28, 2015
I have used Argan Oil for years, and it honestly is a superior oil for skin. What made this particular product stand out to me was the bottle. I love the pump!! I love love love not having to contaminate my product every time I use it like I've had to with every other brand. Droppers and open tops just let in dust and bacteria. Another reason PURA D'OR is awesome is the price point: I've been spending more than twice as much for Argan Oil at my local health market, and this one is higher in quality in my opinion. I'm so glad I purchased!
Great for Hair
By Sorem on Jul 28, 2015
I love this stuff! I put it in my hair after getting out of the shower and its like I never had frizzy hair! It makes my hair so nice and shiny looking! Its probably great for other things as well but hair is what I use it for :)
Love It
By Nancy on Jul 28, 2015
I have tried all the different types of oils out there from maracuja, baobab, calendula, evening primrose, jojoba but the one that I always go back to .is only Argan Oil (sometimes also coconut). There is a lot of hype about new and exotic oils. Argan is really moisturizing, soothing and doesn't cause any break out on my sensitive/oily skin and works very well for hair too (apply on damp, clean hair). I love this brand the most among all the different ones I have tried. The amount is also a lot for the money. Definetely recommended.
Solid Quality Argan Oil
By Joshua on Jul 28, 2015
The shipping is from prime, so the package arrived very promptly, and it comes nicely packaged by the company in a canvas drawstring bag. The pump top feels solid and sturdy, and the oil itself is exactly what it says: pure organic Argan Oil. I use this for moisturizing my hair after showering, and it definitely reduces frizz and makes my hair healthier. It also smells delicious, which is a nice plus. However, I feel like any other Argan Oil would do this equally as well, and unfortunately I lack the resources to test the contents of the bottle and verify that it is 100% pure organic Argan Oil. This makes it hard to rate such the product, but I gave it 5 stars because the oil itself certainly works as I wanted it to, and the included bag and solid construction of the bottle are a nice added touch.
Works well…
By R.R on Jul 28, 2015
Works well as a general purpose moisturizing / nourishing oil. Has a thick texture, and is not greasy or sticky.
100% Argan Oil, great dispenser and bottle
By Enza on Jul 28, 2015
Just what I was looking for - 100% Argan Oil, in a dispenser that didn't get all over the bottle but allowed me to get a small amount out at once. The dark glass bottle protects it from light & keeps it from spoiling as quickly.

This is my first time using Argan Oil. It is exactly as I hoped for - very moisturizing, easily absorbed. I'm using it after washing my hands, as it is really healing my cuticles but also not getting my keyboard greasy. Further - it doesn't seem to break out my skin or make my hair oily, so if I put my hands on my face/in my hair it doesn't mess it up.
Great for frizzy hair
By Gracie on Jul 27, 2015
I have VERY frizzy hair and this stuff makes it 50% less frizzier than it usually is which is an A+ in my book. I use about 2-3 pumps, don't use more than that, I made that mistake and my hair was oily and gross feeling. but a little goes a VERY long way. It smells nice too and doesn't fade out of your hair.
I recommend this if you have frizzy or sun damaged hair. The Argan Oil also comes with a little pamphlet that tells you about the many different uses for Argan Oil and comes with a carrying bag.
Now after reading all the countless reviews on this product I was sold…
By Walts on Jul 27, 2015
Before I started using this product I would shampoo and condition my hair every 3-5 days, but after I would my hair would feel dry until the third day when my natural oils have evenly distributed throughout my hair again. Well, now after reading all the countless reviews on this product I was sold to try it out and It has been the best decision I have made for the health of my hair! Right after I shampoo and condition I use two pumps and evenly distribute it through my hair, once it has dried my hair is left feeling soft with a nice healthy shine. I would recommend this product for anyone who wants to keep their hair healthy and strong.
The best product ever…
By Dee on Jul 27, 2015
I was in Morocco several years ago and was introduced to Argan Oil. Bought several bottles from a women's cooperative in Essaouira which was made on the premise. As the end of the last bottle came near, I began to search for an organic Argan Oil that was of equal quality to that which I bought in Morocco. I knew that it was going to expensive, as it was also costly at the co-op. I tried THE big name store that sells THE big name, very expensive Argan Oil. Unfortunately, it didn't have the nutty smell I was expecting, nor was it as fast to absorb into my skin. I began my search again, and decided to try PURA D'OR and voila...fast absorbing, nutty smell and taste, and organic by USDA standards. Priced very fairly and in an excellent spray bottle for ease of use. I use it every morning on my face after a shower, and nightly before bed, and every time after I wash my hair. My skin and hair are happy again and I will remain a loyal customer. I am thrilled to have found PURA D'OR organic Argan Oil, it is the ONLY product I will use on my face!
Great Price for Organic Argan Oil
By Ioren N. on Jul 26, 2015
This was an excellent product and the second time I've purchase! I specifically used it on my hair and face, and my hair grew rapidly! I used it over a span of 6 months and my hair grew 5-6 inches! I highly recommend this to women with hair loss or has a difficult time growing out their hair.

Also, this is great for your face at night. It's great as a leave-in moisturizer, it helps to protect the skin moisture barrier. But I wouldn't recommend this for oily skin type throughout the day. Overall, this is a great product and I've been recommending it to family and friends and they all love it!
freshly shampooed hair before I blow it dry – the shine is amazing. I just can’t say enough about the benefits ...
By Veronica on Jul 26, 2015
First off, I'm a younger looking 67 year old who has spent most of her life worshiping the sun. I've been hearing more and more about the wonders of Argan Oil for over a year and thought I would give it a try. I made my first purchase well over two months ago and have been using it religiously ever since. The only concern I really had was that it might be greasy – not the case. I mix it with my face serum, incorporate it into my body moisturizing regime and use a few drops in my hair. This product is a miracle – It’s made a remarkable difference in my facial skin tone, texture and moisture, and the benefits are equally impressive on my neck, back, legs and arms. I add a little oil to my wet, freshly shampooed hair before I blow it dry – the shine is amazing. I just can’t say enough about the benefits of this product. I’m in no way a skin care guru, but I have tried several types of well-established, high-end beauty products in the past that promise to produce results – most of which end up being a hype, plus they are chock full of chemicals. I prefer to go as natural as possible and I have finally found the perfect product. If anyone is on the fence about trying Argan Oil, I suggest you give it a try…..and I don’t think you will be disappointed.
Great product
By Herb on Jul 25, 2015
Been using PURA D'OR Argan Oil for acouple of weeks now. Hair and skin feel noticeably softer without a greasy feeling. Quality Argan Oil at a great price. Will buy again.
I like the product
By Olga L. on Jul 25, 2015
I like the product. I use it mainly for my hair which helps healing the tips and makes my hair shining and glossy. I definitely want another bottle.
Soft hair without grease
By Kenjiannie on Jul 24, 2015
Received my pure d'or Argan Oil today and tried it on myself and my daughter. Love how soft our hair feels!! Only used a dime size for our hair and dried with a hairdryer. The outcome was pure softness and the best part?? No greasy feeling and our hands felt soft afterwards. Will have to try it out for over a week to see if we love it but as of now, we really like it and hope it is a keeper!!
Love this!
By Amazon Customer on Jul 24, 2015
When I started using Argan Oil I started with josie maran....when the little bottle was almost out...although I LOVED the product...I couldn't justify spending so much! Went on a search and came across this on amazon decide for the price and the amount I was getting, why not! I loved it even more than the josie maran! I'm 40 and everyone thinks I'm my 18 year old's girlfriend - haha! I don't have any negative things to say about the product. Love the amount. There's no smell, and I have a very sensitive nose. It's lightweight, yet gives me perfect mosturization. It's the only mosturization that I use. I would not have reordered if I didn't think it was a
Favorite beauty product I own!
By Dana L. on Jul 23, 2015
This is my favorite brand of Argan Oil that I religiously use! I use it for my face primarily before I go to bed each night and I have seen incredible results. My main focus as a twenty year old is to prevent wrinkles before they arrive and keep my skin moisturized. I also use this on my hair after showering. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants additional moisture to their hair or face. The packaging is also very easy to use! My mom really likes the pump. I plan to repurchase.
Must Buy!!
By T.N on Jul 23, 2015
I have long and (very, very) thick hair. I wanted something to help restore the moisture in my chemically-processed and brittle hair. I use about 2 pumps on my wet, clean hair for about a week now. It did not change my hair over night. But I can say that it is slowly restoring the moisture in my hair. I originally purchased this for my hair, but when I read about all the other benefits of Argan Oil, I have also started using this on my face, arms, feet, nails. My husband also noticed the effect on my face, so he started using it also. Since it's organic and natural, I have also used this on my kids' skin at night time. The effect is more noticeable on my skin than on my hair. It is non-greasy. A single pump goes a long way. I chose this brand over the other ones because of the pump. For me, it's more convenient than the ones that come with the medicine dropper.
Lovin it....
By Lupe A. on Feb 23, 2015
Great product. I makes my skin feel smooth as butter and it's working great on the ends of my dry hair.
By Mel M. on Feb 23, 2015
Ingredient listed is ONLY pure organic argania spinosa kernal (argan) oil, other brands have fillers. This product absorbs quickly and does not feel or look oily. Feels and looks pleasantly moisturized - quickly gets rid of tired/ dull/ dry looking skin. Definitely recommend.
Youth in a bottle
By Chani B. on Feb 23, 2015
I have never posted a review for anything before in my life. This oil is like youth in a bottle. I originally purchased this for my hair, but I soon learned that this could also be used for your face. I have only used it twice, but I can see and feel a huge difference in my skin texture and appearance. My skin has a natural glow and feels years younger. I am always in search of a good moisturizer - especially in the winter. My face feels smooth and hydrated after using this oil. This is an awesome product for your hair and face! I am in love!!! This is a great value for what you're getting. I highly recommend.
Great product
By Carey Z on Feb 17, 2015
This product really works. I had a severe issue of dry skin, especially in the winter months, but this oil really solves it. I have used it once a day, after cleansing my face, for a month now, and my face has never been so soft. I don't need to (and I wouldn't) use any moisturizer or anything. The best thing about this product is that I have used so little of it. One pump a day for a whole month and the oil level barely lowered. I can see myself one bottle for a whole year.
Also, I applied this to my surgery scar and it has definitely become lighter, softer, and more subtle.
Overall, I would really recommend this product to anyone.
We tried it and absolutetly LOVE it!
By Melissa M. on Feb 17, 2015
We absolutely love this new addition to our lotion and cream making arsenal. We purchased this oil because its wonderful conditioning properties and because they offer it in an organic option. The oil has certainly added a nice touch and has earned a permanent spot in our lotion and body cream recipes. We also like the fact that we can use oil alone as a wonderful conditioner for our hair and face. It does not cause us to break out and leaves our hair feeling very nice. We don't use regular conditioner because we don't like putting chemicals in our hair, this is a very nice alternative and once again a must have for your moisturizing arsenal. ENJOY!!!
Highly recommend
By Kris E. on Feb 17, 2015
I love this product! It's not oily at all and really feels great on my skin. I love in a very dry climate (Colorado!) and use this product daily on my face and hands.
Great oil for pregnancy!
By Amy H. on Feb 17, 2015
After trying a number of different belly balms over the course of three pregnancies, I came across this oil. I try to avoid any chemicals in general, but especially during pregnancy. After reading that Argan Oil can be used to prevent and treat stretch marks, I decided to give it a try. I chose this one because it is organic and pure Argan Oil -- which gets a great rating on the Environmental Workin Group's Skin Deep website. I am 7 months into my third pregnancy I can definitely feel the difference. In the past I haven't been able to find anything that reduces the dryness and itching on my stretched belly, but this does the trick! No more itching, my belly appears very well moisturized.
Sincerely speaking this product has helped me in softening my skin.
By Gia C. on Feb 16, 2015
Sincerely speaking this product has helped me in softening my dry scalp and skin. I use it daily on my natural 4c hair and it leaves my hair so shinny without greasing it. I will definitely buy it again.
Great Natural Moisturizer
By Ria L. on Feb 16, 2015
I have pretty sensitive redhead skin, which is now dry due to the desert climate I live in. I've try almost everything, so I was truly skeptical that any product could be natural/organic AND moisturize well, but I'm very impressed with this oil. It helps keep my skin balanced in a dry climate, and doesn't make me break out. I find myself reaching for this over all other moisturizers in my cabinet. Great price point, too. I'm now looking at the other products in their line.
Good for hair health
By Aneta S. on Feb 16, 2015
Really like this Argan Oil, the smell is very nice but subtle, which makes me believe it is pure and/or good quality. I bought it mainly for my hair (I have thin hair with damaged end) and the main thing I was looking for is moisture without adding greasiness to my hair. It has fulfilled my expectations, I use very little on my hair ends every night and I can still go a few days without washing my hair but not being overly greasy. The night before I wash my hair, I put a whole bunch of the Argan Oil and sleep with it as a hair mask. It has been great so far in helping me grow my fine hair and keep it healthy.
Great Product!
By Edgar R. on Feb 16, 2015
I purchased this as a gift for my wife and she is loving it. She has curly/wavy hair and she's mentioned to me that it already feels healthier after only a few days of using it. I've even used a bit for my face to prevent dry skin during the winter time and it's really made a difference. I don't wake up in the morning with greasy or oily skin. Overall this is a great product and we will continue to use it.
It looks like you've put oil on your face
By Jayne on Feb 16, 2015
This is the only Argan Oil I've tried that consistently moisturizes and doesn't leave a greasy residue. When you immediately apply it, it looks like you've put oil on your face, but if you wait 3-5 minutes, it really does penetrate the skin and truly moisturizes and doesn't stop. I definitely recommend it- on your face alone, in your hair before styling, as a hair mask, or blended with other oils!
Healthier Hair and Nails
By Cici L. on Feb 16, 2015
A few months back, I noticed that I was losing more hair than usual. I recalled an article about the excellent benefits of using "Argan Oil" for hair and nails. Well that led me to do my research on finding a good "Argan Oil". It has a few weeks I have used PURA D'OR on my hair, nails and eyes area. What an improvement. My hair feels softer and healthier. I applied a dime shape amount of oil into my hair (I have long hair) after washed and let my hair air dry. Pura d’or is really amazing.
This product is great for my hair
By Anna on Feb 16, 2015
This product is great for my hair. I put a little bit after a shower and the result is silky, smooth and shiny hair. I also use it on my face and skin. It moisturizes without clogging pores. I highly recommend this product!
Wonderful product
By Christine on Feb 15, 2015
I love this product. I put it on my face and neck at night for moisture. I use it when I have a blemish on my face and it heals it within two days. I use it when I have a cold and my nose is chapped and it heals it almost overnight. My 80 year old mother loves it for her dry scalp. Well worth every cent.
Thick, emollient, wonderful!
By B.J on Feb 15, 2015
Thick, emollient, wonderful! This is the ONLY thing I've found that can keep my skin from cracking and peeling during the winter when it's 10% humidity inside my house. And it does more for the skin's quality than any fancy cream. I use it on my face, neck, decolettage, hands, elbows, feet. wouldn't be without it. And it never ever breaks me out even though it is wonderfully thick for an oil.
By Quin N. on Feb 15, 2015
The thought of putting oil on my face made no sense to me at first but friends highly recommended I try it so I did. Argan Oil almost immediately absorbs into your skin and does not leave behind a greasy feeling. I put this on my face and neck after showering and after washing my face at night and in the morning my face is baby soft. I think after using it only a week my skin tone is more even. This brand comes in a nice thick glass bottle, and is organic and sustainably sourced which were a plus for me. No fragrance, just a light nutty scent that you only notice if you try.
It really is an amazing product!
By Clara L. on Feb 13, 2015
It really is an amazing product!! I have been using it for a week and my hair looks gorgeous!!! I'll never buy again expensive products when you can just use a natural one that can heal damaged hair. I recommend this product!!
Love this oil! Been using it for almost 4 months.
By Lisa C. on Feb 13, 2015
I have been using this oil for the past three months and it is simply wonderful. Completely non greasy, feels very light and all through the winter I did not need to use anything else at all. Usually I have to be careful with what I use on my face as I have an oily skin, however with the PURA D'OR I had no such concern. I used it for myself and my two little girls and they love it too. We use it for our face and hand mostly and sometimes for the hair. The girls love putting this oil on their faces before bed time, its feels so nice and light that you hardly notice 5 minutes later that you have oil on your face! This Argan Oil is now part of our daily routines! totally love it!
Very pleased
By Kris on Feb 13, 2015
I had a facial recently and was told my skin was very dry. She recommended Argan Oil. I bought this brand after reading many reviews. I find reviews very helpful. This is my first time using Argan Oil. I'm happy with the results so far. The gas heat this winter has been drying my face and I am seeing results. It's not real heavy and feels good on my skin. I guess the real test will be when I go for another facial.
Pure Argan Oil
By Mark C. on Feb 13, 2015
I love this product. The oil absorbs quickly and hydrates immediately. Love that it is unscented and that the it is packaged in a spray bottle for easy application. I would definitely recommend this to friends and family.
t has been about 10 days and the difference in the texture is amazing.
By Jeanne P. on Feb 12, 2015
I am 67 years old and my hair is thinning, and very brittle in the front. I purchased this product to help this problem. It has been about 10 days and the difference in the texture is amazing. I have also started using it on my cuticles and hands and have noticed my skin is so much smoother. Used on my face and love the softness. This is my new go to product for everything. Thanks, love it.
By Teresa N. on Feb 11, 2015
I received a bottle of this as a gift. I love it!! It never leaves a greasy feeling. Goes on smooth and silky. My hands and feet have never looked or felt better Would highly recommend.
I definitely like this product
By Niki on Feb 11, 2015
I definitely like this product! They call it liquid gold for a reason! Its helped my cracked heels beyond anything else and I also use it in my hair for dandruff control. I never knew you could use it like that! It comes with a booklet of a bunch of ways you can use it all over your body! It does not have a weird smell and its organic and cruelty free! I would definitely recommend trying this product!!
Great Product!!!
By Mike K. on Feb 11, 2015
Smooths skin and leaves it feeling healthy. Dispenser makes it easy to use small amounts at a time.
By Lindsey S. on Feb 11, 2015
This stuff is amazing!! I have only been using it as a night time moisturizer for a few weeks and can tell a huge difference. My skin is clearer and feels smoother and more even!
So Far So Good!
By Dan on Feb 10, 2015
I have been using for just a few weeks and I do believe it is helping my skin. The oil is not heavy or thick and goes well not just on the face but also my shaved head. I have received compliments on my skin and hope it will help with skin tone.
It actually works
By Amille S. on Feb 09, 2015
I was surprised that I could put oil on my face and it would HELP clear blemishes. It actually does help. I have given it to my daughter to use, and now I need more!
Magic oil for your face
By Maggie O. on Feb 09, 2015
This Aragon oil is truly amazing. I'm 34 and have exceptionally dry skin on my face. A friend recommended Josie Maran Aragon oil, but at almost $70 an ounce it was alot for a product I wasent sure would work. So at $25 for 4 ouncesI thought I'd give this brand a try. I am SOOOOOO HAPPY Idid!! I wash my face at night squeeze 4 pumps into my hand and apply to my face. I follow this with my regular nightly moisturize.
The Holy Grail of hair stuff
By Krystle on Feb 09, 2015
This stuff is nothing short of AMAZING! I go through hair product after hair product, and I have Never found something that changed the life of my hair like this does! I am always looking up reviews for almost everything, and they always seem to contradict each other and confuse the heck out of me! But if there was a reviewer you could trust, let it be me! This stuff is the Holy Grail of hair products!
By Stephen on Feb 08, 2015
This stuff is great! I put it on my face before I go to bed and I wake up completely moisturized!
By Linda C on Feb 08, 2015
I have been using this oil for the past three months and it is simply wonderful. Completely non greasy, feels very light and all through the winter I did not need to use anything else at all. Usually I have to be carefule with what I use on my face as I have an oily skin, however with the PURA D'OR I had no such concern. I used it for my self and my two little girls and they love it too. We use it for our face and hand mostly and sometimes for the hair.
Great Product
By Henry G. on Feb 08, 2015
I have used this Argan Oil for a while now, and it has definitely resulted in smoother skin. I use it in place of a moisturizer in the morning and it lasts the entire day without seeming greasy. I also recommend it for the Oil Cleansing Method. It works wonders.
Great product and price
By Erin H. on Feb 08, 2015
Great product and price! I use Aragon oil on my hair after washing it and on my face every night. Great oil for hydration and purity.
Love It
By Brianna M. on Feb 07, 2015
My hair is so soft yet weightless and since I am organic everything, I am overjoyed that it's organic too! Definitely recommend it!
This product is amazing!
By Vik A. on Feb 07, 2015
This product is amazing !!!! I just started to use it for 1 week and I start seeing results. The hair loss I had is much less now and it feels more healthier then before. Higly recommended !
I tried it and it is amazing.
By Sherri B. on Feb 07, 2015
I tried it and it is amazing. My skin soaked it up and it made the dry skin disappear. My skin is not as itchy and I am going to try more products from this company. I've tried lots of moisturizers but this one was the best. Thank you for this product
Great Argan Oil
By Cheryl B. on Feb 07, 2015
Love this Argan Oil for moisturizing skin. It seems like it would be too greasy but it soaks right in after a few seconds. Can be used alone or under makeup, great as a nightly moisturizer too. Highly recommend!!
Wonderful product!
By Rita C. on Feb 06, 2015
great product! i used it in a diy whipped body butter. i've also used it on my body and even lips by itself. makes skin smooth and is very nourishing.
Love This!
By Tina on Feb 06, 2015
This is the first time I have used 100% Argan Oil. I LOVE this. I have used it on my dry elbows and they feel like silk. My hair is shiny and I have even used this on my face. I will definitely buy this again!!!!!
By Miriam on Feb 05, 2015
I have recieved many compliments about how youthful and smooth my skin looks after being a sun worshipper for a good portion of my life and at the ripe old age of 58. Amazing product that I will definetly recommend to my friends!
Glowing moisturizer!
By Brian K. on Feb 04, 2015
Wonderful, light, absorbed by skin easily and great makeup base lip and eye moisturizer.
Doesn't cause breakouts!
little goes a long way , great for skin , too
By Kasia on Feb 04, 2015
A little really goes a long way. I put maybe 2 pumps on the left side of my head and 2 on the right and the ends look oily!! I also used it on my face (which is always red and irritated looking, can only use fragrance free Eucerin ) and it felt great! the dry patches that I get on my cheeks are already better after one use, and so are my chronically dry in the winter elbows
Great. Versatile Oil for Hair and Body and Cuticles,
By Jun on Feb 03, 2015
This is my second bottle. I've never heard of this brand before I saw this on Amazon. I used Moroccan oil before this one. I love this product for several reasons. First, I love the price. It does just as well as expensive hair oils that cost you over 50 bucks a bottle. Second, it doesn't have the weird oil smell that other brands have. Third, it didn't make my hair greasy at all. Lastly, I add it to my hand lotion and body lotion when it's too dry. And it works really well.
By Mandy on Feb 02, 2015
first off I am a makeup/skincare junkie. I decided to try Argan Oil only because the sephora Josie muran Argan Oil was highly rated with a buncha reviews...I loved it so much but hated the cost. so of course I checked amazon out and found PURA D'OR for half the price AND double the size! It honestly feels equivalent to the brand name Josie product. And the pump is great! the product is not at all too greasy and leaves the skin soft without any noticeable scent. Nice to apply underneath makeup. I even apply it at night time before my night creams. This is an honest review. Hope this helps! If you haven't tried it I advise u to do so ...especially when it's 100% natural and good for you.
After I wash it I put a small amount in the ends and it protects my hair like nothing else I've found
By Janet D. on Feb 01, 2015
I've been using PURA D'OR Argan Oil for 2 years now. It is the real thing and has made a huge difference in my hair and skin. I have long hair that tends to be very dry. After I wash it I put a small amount in the ends and it protects my hair like nothing else I've found. My stylist keeps asking my what I'm doing because it's so healthy. My other favorite use is around my eyes. Each night when I take off my makeup I put a few drops around my eyes.
Highly Recommend
By Chris C. on Feb 01, 2015
This oil has helped keep my extremely dry skin moisturized and glowing through the cold, northeast winter! Love it!
Excellent Value
By Anna on Jan 31, 2015
My hair looks awesome and it isn't dry-frizzing anywhere, this works as moisturizer quite well, and I'm very pleased.
By Victora W. on Jan 31, 2015
I have very long, very thin, very fine hair that I have dyed and highlighted about every 5-6 weeks. In spite of always using premium shampoo and conditioners, it continually looked fuzzy and dry, especially the ends. Because it's so thin and so fine, even small amounts of most leave-in oils make it look immediately greasy and dirty, which is a dealbreaker for me. My hairdresser recommended Argan Oil because she said it's super light, not greasy, and works great with all hair types. Skeptical, but always willing to try something that may help, I came home and ordered the PURA D'OR from Amazon. WOW...the difference in my hair is truly remarkable. It looks healthy, shiny, and best of all, NOT greasy in the slightest. I have never been more impressed with a hair product. The fact that it's organic and you can use it on your face and body is nice, but the most important thing to me was what it did for my hair. Highly recommended.
Throw away your expensive lotions and use this great oil
By Eric on Jan 30, 2015
I use this stuff everyday. I used to use expensive lotions but my skin never seemed right. I bought this stuff because I've been hearing so much about argon oil, and I have to say the benefits were spot on. I was concerned putting oil on my face that it would make my skin oily, not at all, this soaks in and my skin is less oily than when I used lotions! My skin is clearer, softer, younger looking. Very faint wrinkles are gone, and most importantly, the small patch of Rosacea is pretty much gone. I was concerned especially with all the talk about impostor oil which brand to choose, but I have had great luck with this and I assume it's the pure stuff. I put it on in the morning right after I shower, best if your face is damp, it soaks in better. There is a slight 'nutty' smell, nothing that is noticeable at all, goes away in a minute or less. Highly recommended.
Wonderful Product
By Katy B. on Jan 28, 2015
Being a mom made me sway to the 'natural' side for 2 years now, I only use organic products on my baby who is now a full blown toddler with frizzy curly hair (my genes). I've been planning on getting some leave in conditioner for her when I remembered how I used Argan Oil in my pre pregnancy days. I got this and it's worked beautifully!! I use it on her and my hair, on my lashes, on my face (even though i have combination skin it doesn't break me out), on my nails and every dry spot my daughter has. It has no smell and it's absorbed quite quickly, love love love it!
Great product, it really works!
By Elze A. on Jan 28, 2015
Extremely happy with this product. It can be used to soften hands and tame frizzy hair. It works very well for me. It doesn't leave my hair sticky or greasy but makes my hair soft and shiny. This bottle will last a while because you don't really need a lot. I will buy this product again.
Smooth pure fine oil
By Hattie on Jan 28, 2015
just open this product recommended by my friend. There is no smell no color, pure fine oil. I use it as my body oil overnight and it keeps my body smooth. I plan to blend it with French essence oil so that it can help me with my sleep as I had a jet leg from long distance travel.
By Maayan B. on Jan 28, 2015
This product is truly amazing. I have curly hair and I am currently using it on my hair everyday.. It was never so soft and smooth! I love the way it feels with this oil. Also, after researching a lot on line I truly believe this product is one of he best out there! Worth every $.
Highly recommended
By Alex I. on Jan 25, 2015
This is the 2nd time I've purchased this product. I add a few drops of tea tree oil to the bottle and use it as an all-over moisturizer and also to help scars heal. Love this stuff!
100% Recooended
By Jan on Jan 25, 2015
Its not heavy yet it feels very luxurious. I think it definitely helps moisturize and helps my skin tone look more radiant. I would recommend this to anyone. It does not clog pores and really just makes my skin look great.
USDA Organic and excellent scent, no added fragrances!
By Justin H. on Jan 25, 2015
Very good quality Argan Oil! I love the fact that it is USDA organic and contain absolutely ZERO GMO's! Thank you and I will definitely be buying again!
Highly Recommend
By Hart B. on Jan 23, 2015
I have been using this for a couple of months now and absolutely love it. I ordered it because I wanted something organic to keep my skin moist to help prevent stretch marks. It is not greasy at all and I use it all over. Before I started using the PURA D'OR my belly itched from the stretching skin and it does not anymore. I also use it for my hair and love how well it works to smooth my frizz.
By Mary A. on Jan 23, 2015
This product really works -- makes my hair thicker, silkier, and shinier. I have naturally fine curly hair and couldn't wear it past my collar bone. I can now wear it longer, as the oil has made it fuller especially on the ends. My rather famous hairdresser who works with numerous "stars" agrees my hair is in much better shape after I started using this.
Also I've had compliments about how great my face looks
By Alana Y. on Jan 23, 2015
I've been using it for about a month and I can see a difference in my face. I usually have little break outs here and there, especially when I am stressed out and eating unhealthy foods, but I've seen it slightly reduce because of the use of Argan Oil. Also I've had compliments about how great my face looks. So I recommend it! I even bought one for my mom!
Purchased two bottles of this Argan Oil and I love it.
By Brandon M. on Jan 23, 2015
I have purchased two bottles of this Argan Oil and I love it. I use it for my skin and as a oil hair treatment. It leaves my skin feeling smooth as well as prolonging the effects of other skin treatments. When I use this product as a hair treatment, I've left it in my hair up to overnight and my hair feels silkier and shinier after washing it out with shampoo. I have not tried other brands, but see no need to look elsewhere. Thanks!
Excellent Product
By Sarit G. on Jan 22, 2015
After Using for couple of months, I am seeing lot of difference on skin and hair. Before I used to get skin dry even after using regular moisture but using this product never happened. Also hair has improved a lot. We used to have lot of split at the hair tips but with product improved a lot & health hair. Excellent product.
Healing old skin issue!
By Judy F. on Jan 22, 2015
I was a skeptic. I reluctantly tried a very high-dollar Argan Oil on my hair and decided it was worth trying, but did not want to spend that much money on a small bottle. PURA D'OR has changed my skeptical take on Argan Oil. I love the simplicity of one product to use on hair, nails, face, neck. I have had a small spot on forehead at my hairline that just wouldn't heal, likely should have had it removed a couple of years ago. This product has healed this area completely. I am sold on this product, and honestly wouldn't want to be without it! I'd like to order a second one to keep on my bedside table. Really great stuff!
~Judie S
PURA D'OR Argan Oil
By Case W. on Jan 19, 2015
This oil is amazing! I am currently in the process of growing my hair back and this product provides the right amount of moisture that I need for my hair. My hair is soft and manageable after washing and applying this oil. I have natural hair and this oil means a lot to me. I also use it as a moisturizer for my face at night. I am in love!
Amazing Product
By Nick S. on Jan 19, 2015
I am a repeat buyer of this product, I use it as a moisturizer for both hair & skin. I like this as it is pure and organic, not just some moisturizer with alot of other chemicals and only a drop of Argan Oil in the whole bottle. I'm so glad I found this oil and that this seller ships so quickly.
This is the best stuff for your skin
By Kristen G. on Jan 18, 2015
Completely cleared up my dry cracked skin within 5 days of using. This is the best stuff for your skin, I especially use it on my face and dry patches on my body.
Excellent product.
By Diana R. on Jan 17, 2015
I have used Moroccan oils before and really like the results. Highly recommend it. I will be using is for hair, skin and nails as much as possible.
I love this Argan Oil
By Alex H. on Jan 17, 2015
Outstanding product!. I love this Argan Oil. It makes my skin so soft! I use it in the morning and evening on my face. I feel that my skin is deeply moisturized and appears younger. I love the fact that is all natural, and has no artificial ingredients. I tried different creams and lotions an my face, but nothing moisturized my skin as well as this oil. I massage a couple of drops around my eyes and on my face and let it absorb. Then I put on an eye cream and face cream. My skin looks nourished and healthy.
Great for under eye puffiness and dark circles
By Nora T. on Jan 17, 2015
After just one week, I started noticing a reduction in bags under my eyes. The oil is too much for me to use during the day when I'm going to work, but I've been using it as an eye makeup remover and layering it under my eyes at night and have noticed significant results. Under eye puffiness and dark circles are almost gone and bags significantly reduced. I feel like I look 5 years younger. Have also started working argon oil into other problem dry areas like cuticles and winter-dry hair. Since you only use a small amount I do not think the cost is too high. Highly recommend.
Great Moisturizer
By Cynthia H. on Jan 16, 2015
I have been extremely satisfied with using this Argan Oil over the past few months. Many friends had suggested I order it to help with skin moisturizing and face blemishes. I feel it does a great job at keeping my completion looking healthy, especially during these dry winter months. It's replaced my night moisturizer....and I'm loving it!
I love Argan Oil
By Pari G. on Jan 15, 2015
I am so glad that I purchased this! I had been wanting to try Argan Oil as a treatment for my face, neck, and chest. I just turned 30, and I have started to notice fine lines around my eyes, my forehead, and the corner of my mouth. I also read that it would significantly improve the look of my fine lines. I have only been using it for a month and I can already tell a huge difference! The fine lines on my face have already significantly diminished, which tells me that my skin was extremely dehydrated and that the Argan Oil is helping to restore the moisture to my skin, which is fantastic. Lastly, I love how unbelievably smooth and soft it has made the skin on my neck and decolletage. I wish that I had started using Argan Oil when I was a teenager! I definitely plan on reordering this particular brand of Argan Oil. The price is much more reasonable than some other brands that are sold in cosmetic stores, and it clearly works, so I am definitely going to keep using it and I definitely recommend it!
My skin absorbed it nicely and the very next day
By Sophia Z on Oct 16, 2014
The reason I made this purchase is because lately, my skin has become incredibly dry. I was desperate for moisture, because regular moisturizers have stopped working on my face. I wanted to try out oils for my face, so I started with 100% organic, cold pressed, unrefined, extra virgin coconut oil. The application was incredibly greasy, and it irritated my skin even more. I bought this immediately, hoping it would finally put an end to my misery. The first night I used this, I noticed that it was not greasy for an oil. My skin absorbed it nicely and the very next day, my skin was softer and the redness was gone. It did not immediately change my skin, but the more I used it, the more of a difference it made. There's honestly nothing bad about this product.
Liked the results on my face
By Giti K on Jul 04, 2014
My skin is on the dark side, and I have pretty oily skin. The Argan Oil helps hydrate and doesn't feel heavy at all. Since I was able to get so much more oil for the price, I don't feel bad about using it on the tips of my hair, my cuticles, and my heels, to get soft rich skin. Would highly recommend this product!
By Jim on Jan 19, 2014
I love Amazon dearly, but I haven't written a product review in YEARS. I have only had this product a week but I am obsessed with it. I am a man and I have very straight, very fine, medium-length hair. I have tried everything to achieve movie-star hair status. (pomades made it greasy and stringy, gels and mousses dried it out and made it "puffy"). I read all the awesome reviews and decided to give it a try. My hair was 4-weeks post haircut and completely dried out and fried from the alcohol-based mousses I was using. One drop of Argan Oil changed my life. I shampooed my hair and added one drop, used a new non-alcohol based mousse, combed it into place, and waited for it to dry.Needless to say, my hair was transformed. It was smooth and silky, without being greasy. It was almost like it replaced the natural oils that had been missing from my head. I had achieved Don Draper/George Clooney hair status! I am thrilled with this products
Little miracle
By Fitzgerald T. on Jun 16, 2013
I am VERY impressed with this product for two reasons. First, I have battled poor skin my entire life, so I was a little wary about putting it on my face. I was afraid it would just exacerbate the problem. It does just that! And surprisingly, it absorbs into the skin very quickly and does not leave it feeling greasy. Second, you can skip all those hundred dollar wrinkle creams and just use this! I don't have a lot of wrinkles or anything, but I do have fine lines around my eyes and, NO LIE, just minutes after applying this to my face, I noticed those lines plump up and become much less obvious. I was stunned, as I was not expecting that! I have also tried rubbing it into the heels of my feet and it does wonders there as well. I pretty much live barefoot whenever possible and my heels get dry and scaly (esp. in the winter) as a result. I put the PURA D'OR on overnight and there is a noticeable difference in the morning. Lastly, this product is organic, and that is very important to me. For what it does, the cost of this product is more than fair! Youth in a bottle (as much as that is actually possible). I have rather fine hair, so I would never consider applying it to my hair, but I have no doubt that those with thick and or dry hair would love the shine this product would produce (I have used Argan Oil shampoos and love it for shine). It is also wonderful for shining up dry fingernails. It is odorless, cool and soothing, and again, does not leave a greasy residue, as it absorbs readily into the skin. I love, love, love this product and will attest that it is worth every last penny being charged for it. As a side note, this is a 4 oz. bottle and one need only use a pea sized amount when applying it to the face. There is no reason why this product can't last between six months and a year.
Absolutely amazing
By Katalind on Apr 01, 2012
This stuff is amazing! Just goes to show you don't have to go out and drop mega bucks at department stores to get a product that works. This stuff works just as well ,if not better than the super expensive Josie Maran Argan Oil (which happens to cost twice as much). What I like is that it's 100%a pure organic and cold pressed. It feels good to know that I'm not smearing a bunch of potentially harmful chemicals on my skin. It only takes about two pumps to cover my face, neck, and the upper part of my chest. In the morning my skin is glowing. Love Love Love this stuff.
This is a fantastic Argan Oil
By Dan and Sarah F. on Jun 21, 2011
PURA D'OR Pure & Organic Argan Oil 4 fl. oz. is an incredible value. The quality is outstanding and part of the reason I like Pura so much is that it is truly non greasy and absorbs quickly. I have made a pact with myself to stay away from anything that is non-organic and Pure D'or meets that criteria easily. I use it both for my skin and hair for hydration and I have not found another product that moisturized so well WITHOUT leaving the greasy (or worse, sticky!!!) residue. The 4 ounce bottle lasts far longer than I expected too. Highly recommended if you want nice skin without feeling like a thin layer of something is on you.
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